Kickstarter: 2nd Stretch Goal Unlocked!

Hi all!

Another update about the SHOTGLASS ADVENTURES Kickstarter that’s running as we speak!

We’ve unlocked our 2nd stretch goal – a new, hand drawn map to be added to the book as a bonus for supporters to use for their own adventures. And for Excelsior Supporters, that also means another 600 DPI map added to their digital maps collection.

The new map is called ‘The Twisted Tree’.

Laidback DM - Map Stretch Goal2

And I’m going to add adventure seeds in the book for each map, as well. Just thought it would be nice to have them in there as well. For this map:

The Twisted Tree’s dark and moss-encrusted boughs and roots are home to giant spiders, snakes and strange woodbeasts, and its ancient magics prevent teleportation and flying spells in its vicinity. Inside the tree, mazes of passages lead explorers astray, while living root systems and branches attack the unwary by surprise. Each level has a challenge – a creature to defeat, an environmental puzzle to overcome. And at the very top awaits The Twisted Guardian, an ancient and powerful druid who does not take kindly to trespassers. She protects the tree’s magical living heart, sought far and wide as an ingredient for powerful potions and magic items…


Steve 🙂

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