Kickstarter: First Stretch Goal Unlocked!

Hi all!

Just an update about the SHOTGLASS ADVENTURES Kickstarter that’s running as we speak!

We’ve unlocked our first stretch goal – a hand drawn map to be added to the book as a bonus for supporters to use their own adventures. For Excelsior Supporters, that also means another 600 DPI map added to the digital maps collection.

Here’s a quick snapshot of the map I call ‘The River Caverns of Argolus‘.

Laidback DM - Map Stretch Goal1 - small.jpg

The caverns feature a fast flowing underground river connecting them, rapids, cavern shelves for ambushes, a copse of giant fungi, strange crystal formations dotted throughout, a cave in and living root systems. I picture Argolus as an powerful underground plant elemental, charged with protecting a number of living fungi and underground plant creatures. Unfortunately, something in the ecology is polluting the river, which flows to a nearby town. The town has sent adventurers to find the source of the pollution and stop it – at any cost! A moral quandary – how to solve the problem of the pollution without slaughtering the plant creatures? Maybe it won’t matter to the adventurers, who are just keen to loot and pillage. What would your players do? I can hear your DM gears grinding already at the possibilities!

If you’re a DM who’s interested in supporting this Kickstarter, click on the link below to find out more.


Steve 🙂

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