The Real Book. A tale of two formats.

Remember that poetry e-book I released a year ago? Yeah, I thought not. The All or the Nothing is a book I’m very proud of, but it’s only sold a few copies so it’s safe to say my grand dream of being recognised for my poetic talents (real or illusionary) has fizzled somewhat. Then IContinue reading “The Real Book. A tale of two formats.”

This Morbid Fascination. A poem.

What is this morbid fascination I have with the prospect of my own uncertain and certain demise? It reeks of gentle desperation, a perfidious need to know the outcome of a life lived in unconscious and conscious vigilance. No hangman’s noose for me, no liquid death or razor’s end, no toxic pills or silent sleep,Continue reading “This Morbid Fascination. A poem.”