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The All or the Nothing is my ebook of poetry. Click on the link above to find where you can download it.

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Steve 🙂

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Upstart Photographer: Things #2

I like to write poems. I like to take photographs. Sometimes I take photos of things.

Here’s one, with an accompanying poem. I don’t normally write poems about things, but for my photos I can make an exception.


Steve 🙂

Road. A poem.

Exemplars on the way,
milestones of the incredulous
and the extravagant,
until the unseen border, gone.
Here in stark contrast,
mother’s permanent residents
hold sway and sway in time
to the rhythms of the asphalt,
the heat swathes writing
memoirs of the silence.

I write a lot of poems, some from my head, some from my heart. Many don’t appear on this website. For more of my poetry, check out The All or the Nothing, my first e-book, available at most online book sellers.

Click here to find out how to get your copy.

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