Upstart Photographer: Old Tree

I was driving on a country road a few weeks back and came across an amazing tree (I love photographing trees).

I was so happy with these shots I wrote a poem to accompany them (so what’s new lol).


Steve 🙂

Old Tree. A poem.

Old tree, gnarled and
twisted beyond reproach.
What dark days and
sundered years have you
borne witness to?

Out here on the sullen veldt,
where an asphalt artery
keeps you company,
squirming for reassurance
in the afternoon glare.

Your rings are tired and
worn, wasting like the
wintry spume that lingers
on a breeze of pretence
and happenstance.

Old tree, wise and wizened,
faulty and faultless,
crooked and dumbfounded.
Here you stand until tomorrow,
while the world passes by
without a wave or tear.

Stephen Thompson 2018

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