Preludes. A Poem by the Master.

Preludes By T. S. Eliot I The winter evening settles down With smell of steaks in passageways. Six o’clock. The burnt-out ends of smoky days. And now a gusty shower wraps The grimy scraps Of withered leaves about your feet And newspapers from vacant lots; The showers beat On broken blinds and chimney-pots, And atContinue reading “Preludes. A Poem by the Master.”

Morning Coffee. A Poem.

Whorls of heat haze fumigate the air, an ocean of dark and broiling depths mirroring a bleak and surly heart. Your lidless eye reflects the scorn,  a barely bitter taste that lingers like cyanide clarity on the tongue. Oracle of peerless enlightenment, an uncaring nurturer, soon gone. The All or the Nothing is my firstContinue reading “Morning Coffee. A Poem.”

Anvil. Part 12.

Granny Chun is led sedately to a cell opposite the Anvil’s. She catches a glimpse of the big male skull behind the tiny transteel window as she is pushed gently into her cell by two armoured guards. Prison guard Olsin smiles at the Anvil as she palms the door closed and waves the escort away.Continue reading “Anvil. Part 12.”

Haiku Friday. ‘Isolated’, a haiku trilogy.

Isolated – a haiku trilogy 1. Veil If only I could take away the coal-black veil encompassing me. 2. Crown My only constant: crown of thorns, heavy on my lonely, empty heart. 3. Walls Do you hear me cry? Perhaps the walls I built here block the noise too well. The All or the NothingContinue reading “Haiku Friday. ‘Isolated’, a haiku trilogy.”

Brief. A poem.

The briefest of moments to us, passed between, and I was, for the briefest time, momentarily happy. I crave the briefest moment to spend with you again. For in that fragile moment, I am, forever, briefly sane. The All or the Nothing is my first e-book of poetry. To find out how to buy aContinue reading “Brief. A poem.”

‘The All or the Nothing’ – Steve’s eBook is available now!

via Save the Poet! Try it out! Click on the link above to find where you can download it. If you love poetry, you won’t be sorry! Cheers Steve 🙂

Rectified. A poem.

I wish that I could rectify all my copious sins and lies. I wish I could rebuild the trust I stole from you with prurient lust. I wish I could remove the stain upon my family’s blessed name. I wish I could reset this life, changed so paltrily now to strife. But I cannot rectifyContinue reading “Rectified. A poem.”

Chasm. A poem.

I stared into the chasm and it stared right back at me. My cries echoed off its pithy walls until I nestled silently in its precipitous embrace. The chasm walls engulfed me; the sky above sequestered and aloof. The comforting, yet uncomfortable damp and dark engaged my palate until I could consume no more. TheContinue reading “Chasm. A poem.”

Would. A poem.

Would you shed a tear for me when I’m gone or about to go? Would you wave as I depart, smile awhile, wander alone? Would you care if I passed away from this world, from this fray? Would you be lost if I moved on, a wilderness, your compass gone? Would you shed a singleContinue reading “Would. A poem.”

Consequence. A poem.

If I had my chance again, would I change the things I did? I am so invested in this pain, and have lost, yet gained so much, it was surely meant to be. And if I had my chance again, would it truly set me free? We only learn from hurt, it seems, from bitterContinue reading “Consequence. A poem.”

Artifice of Love. A poem.

I wish she would read this artifice of love and know my asinine attempt to swim to her waters ‘festina lente’, my yearning to sweep her off her feet and cushion her with desirous imposition, is meant solely to glorify her absolute magnificence. Perhaps, one day, my muse of truth will read and understand thatContinue reading “Artifice of Love. A poem.”

Leibster and Versatile Blogger Award Noms—thank you, thank you, thank you!

Thanks so much to Follypen, who nominated me for both the Leibster and Versatile Blogger awards. You can find Follypen’s wonderful site at this link: I’m gonna cheat a bit (as I sometimes do with Award-thingies) and refer you to a previous nomination of mine for some faintly amusing Leibster award answers and questions:Continue reading “Leibster and Versatile Blogger Award Noms—thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Indifference. A poem.

Every indifferent look is broken glass, slicing my already severed heart. Your indifference, (bricks laid by me), is the wall separating our dual Berlins. Your indifference is the pendulum that crushes me whole: nothing left and nothing right. Every indifferent look leaves me lost inside and needing so much more in life. The All orContinue reading “Indifference. A poem.”

Swim. A poem.

Dewdrops on my skin as I rise from your embrace. Your satin caress beckons and I return to your verge. Each twist and turn I take moves me closer to apogee, whence all efforts expire. Here within your tidal girth, I float in liquid suggestion. Here amongst deliquescing salt, I make my mark and ploughContinue reading “Swim. A poem.”

Wrecked. A poem.

My gallants and topsails, tattered, torn and twisted; shrouding the devastated deck like grasping lichen on a forest floor. My ship creaks and moans, weary and spent from the storm; a mass of broken timbers, of shredded hopes forlorn. The watery maelstrom pulls be down, slaking this unholy, melancholy thirst, grasping my hull solemnly inContinue reading “Wrecked. A poem.”

Anvil. Part 11.

The Anvil struggles groggily to her feet. The room is silent. “What did I miss?” she says. Lady Chao and Granny Chun are still kissing. “Somebody want to fill me in on this development?” says the Anvil. Violet runs over to her and grabs her leg protectively. Sarain’s EMPG is at the Anvil’s head again.Continue reading “Anvil. Part 11.”

Ghostly. A poem.

Am I a ghost to you, incorporeal as mist, drifting on the fulsome breeze, far beyond your view? What would it take to anneal this brume, a somatic conversion to make me real? Your fugue is my grave; Here I will linger on until I fade completely from your uncaring heart. If you liked that,Continue reading “Ghostly. A poem.”

Stuffing. A poem.

The stuff of yearning dreams and wanton, empty years, stuffed to the seams, stuffed with regret. How much more stuffing could this vagrant heart beget, stuffed full to bursting, stuffed with loneliness. If you liked that, then you’ll love the poems in my first book The All or the Nothing! And at just $5.99 forContinue reading “Stuffing. A poem.”

Haiku Friday. ‘Cold’, a haiku trilogy.

‘Cold’, a haiku trilogy. 1. Cold It’s so cold in here. Icicles within your stare doth make me shiver. 2. Distant To cross this tundra, where wind, snow and ice, doth reign. Find a way to you. 3. Frozen Frozen statue, me. Fear hath made me what I am. Fear won’t let me go. IfContinue reading “Haiku Friday. ‘Cold’, a haiku trilogy.”

Paranoid. A poem.

Are you looking at me? Stop looking at me! So many people, I see. All looking at me. Who do you think you see? Who are you to judge me? Why won’t you let me be? Just stop! Just stop looking at me. If you liked that, then you’ll love the poems in my firstContinue reading “Paranoid. A poem.”

Ready Player One. A movie review.

You know how spoilers spoil movies? Well, there are none here to spoil stuff. Just thought you’d like to know. Ready Player One is the Steven Spielberg-directed movie based on Ernest Cline’s best-selling novel of the same name. I have the book but haven’t read it yet (it’s on my ever-growing list). Wade Watts livesContinue reading “Ready Player One. A movie review.”

It’s a mystery why I’m nominated, but I gratefully accept!

Trudy K at Pinching Words has nominated me for the Mystery Blogger Award. Thanks so much, Trudy! As usual I ‘m always a bit flabbergasted at why I get nominated; equally happy and bemused. That’s not to say I don’t appreciate it—I do! As to this award, there’s some indicia I have to list: TheContinue reading “It’s a mystery why I’m nominated, but I gratefully accept!”

The Timely Fool. A poem.

Long years of suffering, so tinged with hope and fear. I have watched you from afar, but outstayed my welcome, here. Now, your door has shut so tight and my path to you is blocked. Now, I’m back to wandering, to the relentless ticks of clocks. I wish that you could sight me, here, fromContinue reading “The Timely Fool. A poem.”

Anvil. Part 10.

Lady Chao’s headquarters is just as ruinous as the other buildings surrounding it. Rusted metal supports play peek-a-boo through holey concrete walls. The lower levels are salt-sutured steel and raggedy plate glass. Only the top four levels are decently attired: various rooftop antennas, dishes and hangars; multiple gun emplacement bubbles poking through garish red panelling;Continue reading “Anvil. Part 10.”

Lottery. A poem.

These dubious numbers will not fall in line for me. Indeed, more’s the fool; those digits that summon up every heavenly aspect of you. A token parody of a prodigious, passionate girl. Just numbers spinning in my head and heart, my lottery, my heady whirl. These fallow yearnings, have fallen now, far from grace. MyContinue reading “Lottery. A poem.”

The Black Tree. A poem.

The tree is black and formless, its charred soul departed so many years before from this noxious darkness. This fractured stump, dreaming of chlorophyll and carbon dioxide smells. This burned and sullen timber that in this wasteland dwells. If you liked that, then you’ll love the poems in my first book The All or theContinue reading “The Black Tree. A poem.”

One Lovely, Bloggly, Nomination!

I would like to thank the lovely Kiera(n) Fortasse for a Lovely Blog Award nomination! Whilst I’m not really too sure what it all means (a lovely blog, that is, but you could include life in that statement as well), it does mean a lot to know that someone likes me (yay!). Thank you, Kiera(n).Continue reading “One Lovely, Bloggly, Nomination!”

Kill. A poem.

Why don’t you kill me? Release me from this misery? This womb that clings and grinds me down to tombstone dust and empty dreams, restrains me tight in chains of languid and bitter thoughts. Oh, but for a little death, a dance with angels or demons to portend. Not for me. With life and painContinue reading “Kill. A poem.”

The Luminous Details of Poetic Description

Exercise: Poet Ezra Pound described the “luminous details” that reveal and transmit an image swiftly and deeply. Find an image that resonates with you. Write a poem about this object in no more than 10 lines, keeping in mind the art of description, and the luminous details that move the reader. When you have writtenContinue reading “The Luminous Details of Poetic Description”

Stair. A poem.

We stopped upon the stair, our furtive conversation like a tender questionnaire. She smiled and talked and stared and in the animation of her lips and smile and hair, I found a love that swelled long after she had left me there. And that fire that burned in me, as I yearned to breathe herContinue reading “Stair. A poem.”