Unrequited TV Love. A poem.

Why is it every TV show I watch
reminds me of what I want,
the desirous and palatable fuel
that I need from you?

Every heartfelt admission
of love unrequited that looms
heavy and untold in my vision,
every sideways glance and
momentary, tender indecision
that a character threads and treads,
brings a singular salty tear to my eye
because I know just how much
I engage and identify with the
nearsightedly looming situation.

It’s enough to give up TV watching.
But I won’t, because like causality
and infinitesimally awakened remission
I like being constantly reminded
just what I’m forever missing.

We could be together in
some telemovie screenplay,
lovestruck starlets preening
awkwardly on an ambient stage,
but it still wouldn’t be as good
as it if we were together, for real,
you and me as one, today.

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