The Good Son.

My son, God love him, turned twenty this year. It’s hard not to think of him as a teenager, though, as he still lacks that special something that signifies him as an adult. No, not body hair; he’s got more than enough of that–inherited from his grandfather, who’s known as the ‘silverback’ (yeah, you guessedContinue reading “The Good Son.”

Climb. A poem.

Climb. Against the  winds that claim this bitter peak, that scrape and slurry and mince no words but enforce dominion and push and pull and drag you down until you can climb no more. Climb. My first book of poetry, The All or the Nothing, is available now as an e-book from most online distributors. To find out more, click here.

Magnetic. A poem.

Feel me here: antediluvian, lumbering. As unlike as we are, an inordinate attraction like opposite magnetic poles, dragging us together like merciless luna tides. Your lightning source code will tame this savage beast, magnetic moments designed to simulate a halcyon dream of mesmerism and strident yearning. I am alone with you, and you are allContinue reading “Magnetic. A poem.”

Anvil. Part 4.

Shi-Cho has worked spec ops for many years. His body has been wounded, trashed and rebuilt so many times he almost forgets which parts are human and which are cybernetic. His left eye is biosynthetic, but his right is original. He prefers the artificial one. After this job he will have the human eye replaced—aContinue reading “Anvil. Part 4.”

Linger Longer. A poem.

Why do I always linger longer in this place? Why do I capitulate to my black dog space? I throw the stick for him and he brings it back for me to beat myself again, so he can jump and laugh and grin. This field of pain and torpor, where my muddied feet are caughtContinue reading “Linger Longer. A poem.”

Haiku Friday. ‘Dressed to Kill’, a haiku trilogy.

Dressed to Kill. A haiku trilogy. 1. Dressed Dressed to kill, you are; A fortunate turn for me, can’t avert my eyes. 2. High You float on high heels, that could puncture my heart through like Cupid’s arrow. 3. Gone In an instant, gone; Another mystery, you. The past is fleeting. My first book ofContinue reading “Haiku Friday. ‘Dressed to Kill’, a haiku trilogy.”

Upstart Photographer #7. And poems, no less.

Yep, it’s that time of the month, again. Time for some dreary photos to liven up your/my dreary world. This time, I’ve included a few (very) brief poems to accompany my black and white, unfiltered shots. Sunlight. A poem. Through the ancient boughs, you shine, shadow fall and illumine. Statue. A poem. The weight ofContinue reading “Upstart Photographer #7. And poems, no less.”

U r. A poem.

U r the heavenly glimpse unspoken. U r the enigmatic mystery unleashed. U r my unfettered tragedy in the making. U r the starving soul to which I’m drawn. U r the the boundless ocean to which I succumb. U r the burning pyre that leads me home. Txt translation: U r th only 1Continue reading “U r. A poem.”

Strangely Surprised. A poem.

Strangely surprised: it would seem I believed that I’d be so much wiser from here on, indeed. It just took one glance and I’m back on the teat, pride reined in per chance, all humility. Strangely surprised that there’s no freedom ride, and no tunnel end light to set a course by. It seems fateContinue reading “Strangely Surprised. A poem.”

Anvil. Part 3.

The little girl flinches, stepping back and hugging the teddy bear and Granny Chun’s leg. “Well what did you expect?” says the old woman. “You come here looking like some badass, muscle-head man and expect your daughter to recognise you?” The Anvil steps back, shakes her head. Chun is right. What prompted her to makeContinue reading “Anvil. Part 3.”

Concrete. A poem.

Here I am, brought to heel by poor choices and destiny, to learn a well-earned lesson of respect and humility. Here behind this concrete veil, my hope is born anew. All thin facade and curtain call, a life sentence, all askew. Surrounded by the worst of souls, (of which I am one, you see). MyContinue reading “Concrete. A poem.”

A Captured Moment. A poem.

The most beautiful woman in the world smiled at me and laughed with me and had me hypnotised with every sultry breath and swollen, fulsome thought. I was so enraptured that I wanted one single moment of this polychromatic butterfly collection captured and frozen forever in a gracious sliver of recall, pinned beneath glass. SoContinue reading “A Captured Moment. A poem.”

Haiku Friday. ‘Star Shells Sing’ – a haiku trilogy.

Star Shells Sing. A haiku trilogy. 1. Star See the stars above, sing songs of restless passion. I know how they feel. 2. Shells I would take them all; capture all the star-bright shells, cast them on your shore. 3. Sing My shore-stars would sing a melody of longing, music just for you. My firstContinue reading “Haiku Friday. ‘Star Shells Sing’ – a haiku trilogy.”

Entwined. A poem.

Entwined, we two; encapsulated in a mad statement, read between lines and screamed between pages. A subtle madness, shortness of breath, long, laboured movement and languid, liquid refrain. Teetering on the brink of apogee, into a light that breaks this shared darkness and brings ecstasy. This pleasure and pain could last forever and a day,Continue reading “Entwined. A poem.”

Anvil. A short series. Part 2.

The bubble cab drops quickly. Through the transparent plastiglass roof the Anvil can see the city’s bottom, a mishmash of giant tubes, pipes, grav generators and spotlights. The ocean below rises to meet the taxi, a cacophonous tundra where waves crash against the broken skeletons of old skyscrapers half buried in the depths, the crackedContinue reading “Anvil. A short series. Part 2.”

Deserted. A poem.

Deserted. Desert winds wax and wane around my anxious senses, tinged with the scent of the exotic, the lingering perfume of your passing. I track through the remnants of my wandering wastrel heart, amongst tumbleweeds of loss and regret, wondering if these angst-ridden components will ever again rejoin and rejoice. A fitting Humpty Dumpy end:Continue reading “Deserted. A poem.”

My Black Walls. A poem.

My walls.                Are. Black                                              As oil and just as wet. Wet. From. All. The. Spurious Aimless.                     Continue reading “My Black Walls. A poem.”

Meltdowns happen.

Every once in a while, I find myself in a mental space I’d rather not be in. And it doesn’t seem to take much to get me there. It’s a sure sign of poor mental health when a clothes washing incident can bring you to the brink of despair. It’s not the incident itself, however,Continue reading “Meltdowns happen.”

Anvil. A short, unplanned series. Part 1.

He awakens to a miasma of colour, of senses and routines flashing incandescently in his mind, before his eyes, of images and words and confusion and cacophony, as the world comes into focus. Through the informational arrays filling his vision, to the drone of his internals and the pump of his synthetic heart, the glowContinue reading “Anvil. A short, unplanned series. Part 1.”

Surrounded. A poem.

Here I am, surrounded, my enemies on all sides. A pincer movement designed to take my pride. Am I not deserving of my pain? Am I not due comeuppance? I have unintentionally misled, miscommunicated my intent. I have been vain and bent out of shape and arrogant. So, let them come. Let my enemies closeContinue reading “Surrounded. A poem.”

Beatitude. A poem.

Salt-filled streams in cotton valleys, stuttered remnants of hazy fantasia. Every shed raindrop that stains this silky, cloud-like tundra, is just another overture to redeem my lonesome, enervated soul; another blatant and monotonous attempt at constructing a beatitude of nearsighted ardour. How I long to love thee, to trade this near-infinite sadness for a longContinue reading “Beatitude. A poem.”

The Sale. Part 20. The Final Instalment.

The police lights twirled, casting brightly coloured fireflies against the mansion walls. Police wandered back and forth from the house. Everywhere you looked was yellow crime scene tape, cordoning off the building and grounds into their own little worlds where masked crime scene investigators in loose overalls prodded, bagged and played. The rain had stoppedContinue reading “The Sale. Part 20. The Final Instalment.”

Unrequited TV Love. A poem.

Why is it every TV show I watch reminds me of what I want, the desirous and palatable fuel that I need from you? Every heartfelt admission of love unrequited that looms heavy and untold in my vision, every sideways glance and momentary, tender indecision that a character threads and treads, brings a singular saltyContinue reading “Unrequited TV Love. A poem.”

New Goal. A poem.

I often ideate about endless sleep, when the lights are dim, and my thoughts are deep. I sought it once, but I screwed it up (if I wait forty years, I’ll get what I want). My new long term goal:  stay   awake   for  my   son, keep him wide-eyed at the wheel, toContinue reading “New Goal. A poem.”

The Sale. Part 19.

The revolver was shaking in Silas’s hand as he pressed it against my skull. Water streamed down his face, mingling with his tears. I closed my eyes tightly. I could hear a rush of breath escape Aisha’s lips. The hammer clicked. Again. And again. Nothing. I opened my eyes. Silas was inspecting the weapon, hisContinue reading “The Sale. Part 19.”

Blister. A poem.

The outer skin chafes like the cajoling blister on my consoling heart. Only those who look deep can perceive the anxious, pitiful, exhausted souls that have walked so many miles in this inclement weather. My first book of poetry, The All or the Nothing, is available now as an e-book from most online distributors. ToContinue reading “Blister. A poem.”

The Shape of Water. A movie review.

I’m a big fan of Guiermo Del Toro. I loved the Hellboy movies and Pan’s Labyrinth is in my Top 10. I’m also a big softie for romance movies (so sue me). The Shape of Water is Del Toro’s homage to the monster movies of the 1950’s, a ‘beauty and the beast’ romance about aContinue reading “The Shape of Water. A movie review.”

Another Sunshine Blogger Award! Thanks heaps – I am not worthy!

Thanks so much to beingmimismumma for the nomination for another Sunshine Blogger Award! I would love to answer the questions you have posed for me, however I’ve got two uni assignments due!! But don’t despair: here’s a link to my previous answers from a few days back! (Big cop out, I know, but sometimes lifeContinue reading “Another Sunshine Blogger Award! Thanks heaps – I am not worthy!”

Hollow Tree. A poem.

I’m just a                hollow         tree on less than           hallowed     ground. My sap is drained and pain, profound. Within this forest, where my cries ring loud I’m just a               hollow  Continue reading “Hollow Tree. A poem.”

Feast. A poem.

Why do we hurt each other so? Why do we tear at our bones like brutal, savage, starving DOGS (begging and braying for blood) until all the meat and gristle is torn away and our ivory husks GLISTEN with the saliva of our folly. When will this feast be over? When will we fearsome beastsContinue reading “Feast. A poem.”