Whirlpool. A poem.

My head is spinning,
lost in your days/daze.
Your whirlpool pulls me down.
I clamber for extant purchase,
a drowning man on your razor edge,
gormlessly clutching at eidetic straws
as water chokes my lungs.

Your centrifugal force,
it wears my patience paper thin,
teaches me mock restraint
and leaves me listless
upon a narrowing ledge,
where vertigo takes control.

I have no love for who I am,
but who am I in this fixation?
You drain the life from me,
like a purulent vampire,
and let the swirling waters
claim my desiccated corpse.

Your twisting, seething depths,
that churn and bite and goad,
and send be back to whence I came;
embittered, emboldened,
to begin the game again.


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