Judgement. A poem.

No longer angry,
now the sum of abject
humiliation and shame.
I stand before you
in mute testimony;
judgement rests upon me,
a crow upon a broken scarecrow.
All I can do
is drink in this
desolate ambiance, and
lower my head in acceptance.

Every bitter face and whisper
slices me like pages
from a torturer’s manual;
every hoarse regret
is but a desiccated frog
in my parched and weary throat.

Every glance pierces
my pin cushion back,
and each contemptuous
and barbed arrow
finds its place, nestled
amongst its brothers and sisters.

As I walk towards my fate
and my deliverance,
I am unimpeachable.
I am ready.
I am willing.

I am

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