‘The All or the Nothing’ – My first book of poetry is available NOW!

The All or the Nothing - Stephen Thompson (c) 201762 poems to make you laugh, cry, get depressed or get drunk by!

My first book of poetry is available as an e-book for $5.99 from the following distributors:

Please support me, a literally starving artist, in my quest for truth, justice, meter and rhyme.


Steve ๐Ÿ˜Š

Narrative. A poem.

The gracious crucible of light
that spawned my shambling steps,
dangling that golden carrot
through a narrative
ill met.

The owl glides over darkening fields,
Iโ€™m the mouse skirting its kill zone.
I duck and weave, just out of reach,
running and crawling

The view up there, it must be good,
a riot of jocularity.
But I donโ€™t share that shade of blue,
while navigating

So, I will stumble blindly through
the midnight of my storied tome,
relating a narrative so familiar
until You decide to call me

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