The Flame. A poem.

The flame burns like phosphor, ignited and soaring by degrees: The passion, the anger (and the shame). The flame, super luminal intensity, burns me up, turns me ashen. (For how long will I shine before the all too brief spark burns low and fades? How long before the darkness encroaches again?) The flame wakes meContinue reading “The Flame. A poem.”

The Laidback DM #12 – Free Village Map!

Time for another of my irregular Laidback DM posts, and a new free map! Map drawing for D&D adventures is my thang. I now have far too many maps, so I’m giving them away free each week. This week: Village at the Crossroads! At first this may seem like a boring little map, but imagineContinue reading “The Laidback DM #12 – Free Village Map!”

Acquiesce. A poem.

Acquiesce to the night’s probing fingers, an invitation            given without                        betrayal. Shake and stutter in these jealous hills and vales. Writhe in a cave             of dream-inspired                 Continue reading “Acquiesce. A poem.”