The Laidback DM #6 – Free Map!

Despite being a bit laidback when it comes to D&D Dungeon Mastering, I do like to draw time-consuming maps. Since I don’t always use the maps I draw, I thought I’d offer them for free here on my blog. The following map is a base for a bunch of pirates who have an alliance with aContinue reading “The Laidback DM #6 – Free Map!”

Finish Me. A poem.

Take that knife, that blade so sharp Plunge it deep and end it all No, you’d rather tinker, play awhile Remove strips of flesh, one at a time Rather hear begging, screams, plaintive cries Rather grin at my pain, lick the blood that drains You have me where you want me, victimised, restrained You haveContinue reading “Finish Me. A poem.”