Anniversary. A poem.

An anniversary Three years of torment Ashes from which I arise A new man A better man Beholden to the past But reaching for the future From this crucible I am forged anew To rebuild To refine To create Never to revisit past sins But to find a better life With you . Not longContinue reading “Anniversary. A poem.”


Yesterday was the three-year anniversary of the worst day of my life. Those of you who are regulars will know that I celebrated (rather insanely) by walking 24 kms. But before I did that I looked at myself in the bathroom mirror and had an epiphany. Despite the fact that three years ago I lostContinue reading “Rebirth.”

Marathon Walk!

Today I walked 24 kilometres. Why? I dropped off my father’s car at a smash repair place, and rather than catch a combination of trains and buses home, I decided I’d walk. Five hours and just under 24 kms later, blisters and sore legs, but not too worse for wear otherwise. Hungry, though! Had toContinue reading “Marathon Walk!”

Poetry Drought!

I started a new uni subject today, on writing poetry. Because I have to write a lot of poems for this subject it’s gonna mean a bit of a drought for my blog (normally I post a poem a day). So I’m going to publish a few of my older poems to keep readers goingContinue reading “Poetry Drought!”

The Laidback DM #7 – Another Free Map!

I like to draw maps for D&D adventures. Often I have more maps then I know what to do with. So, I’m giving one away free on my blog each week. This week’s map is a Kobold and Demon lair. Whoa, you say? The game’s weakest creatures with some of the game’s toughest? If you’veContinue reading “The Laidback DM #7 – Another Free Map!”

Legend of Zelda -Amazing Sculpting!

I looooooooooooooove Nintendo’s Legend of Zelda series, having been a fan since Ocarina of Time on the Nintendo 64. The almost mute Link is the ever youthful and inimitable hero of the long standing fantasy console gaming series. My son recently showed me this incredible sculpting video on YouTube, by Sculpture_Geek. If you’re a fanContinue reading “Legend of Zelda -Amazing Sculpting!”

Sands. A poem.

I rise before the first blush of dawn Dappled sunlight like reedy fingers Touching the grey surrounds Blooming refulgent petals Apprehension in alpha and omega What fearsome beasts should rise On wings of measured determination Cunningly disguised and lividly forthright Trapped in sundered cogitation An hourglass of intimation curtailed Until sands cease to flow AndContinue reading “Sands. A poem.”

The Laidback DM #6 – Free Map!

Despite being a bit laidback when it comes to D&D Dungeon Mastering, I do like to draw time-consuming maps. Since I don’t always use the maps I draw, I thought I’d offer them for free here on my blog. The following map is a base for a bunch of pirates who have an alliance with aContinue reading “The Laidback DM #6 – Free Map!”

Finish Me. A poem.

Take that knife, that blade so sharp Plunge it deep and end it all No, you’d rather tinker, play awhile Remove strips of flesh, one at a time Rather hear begging, screams, plaintive cries Rather grin at my pain, lick the blood that drains You have me where you want me, victimised, restrained You haveContinue reading “Finish Me. A poem.”

War for the Planet of the Apes. A movie review.

Let’s get this out of the way right now. War for the Planet of the Apes is one of the best movies this year. You should do yourself a favour and see it. Matt Reeves has directed an incredible movie (which bodes well for his proposed Batman trilogy). Andy Serkis as the driven and emotiveContinue reading “War for the Planet of the Apes. A movie review.”

Oil and Quicksand. A poem.

My dreams are oil and quicksand Darkest thoughts, you understand A heady brew, an unlikely mix Brought to life, a concrete fix Dragging me down where dead men float Tarred and feathered in the undertow Set me alight in fire and flame All the better consumed by pain Oil and quicksand in my head HopeContinue reading “Oil and Quicksand. A poem.”

Comic Book Love Affair

I’ve been a huge fan of comics and graphic novels since I was a boy. My on-and-off again love affair with them over the years has depended on my available budget. Recently I got my son interested in the hobby, which gave me a great reason to reinvest myself. Here’s a few of the titlesContinue reading “Comic Book Love Affair”

On the Shelf. A haiku trilogy.

Lost Another friend lost Empty space upon the shelf Whispered remembrance Alone Walking in my sleep Dreaming alone as always Isolationist Reflections Friendship, charity? Mature reflections adrift Empty shelf beckons Friendships can be hard to find and to keep, especially as one grows older. If you’re an introvert it can make it even harder. It’sContinue reading “On the Shelf. A haiku trilogy.”

Ignorance Is This. A poem.

I ignore her when she’s near Easier to build walls of insecurity Defences built on shyness and rejection fears So I talk to other women Because I do not care for them I pretend she isn’t there Why am I so unfair (to myself, to her) I wonder if she ever wonders why? Guess not, I’m just someContinue reading “Ignorance Is This. A poem.”

Three Years Later…

So, here I am, three years after the most harrowing time of my life and everything is pretty much still the same.  I’m not any closer to finding a real purpose. I still have no love in my life. I’m still socially isolated. I still have no idea what I’m doing (my prayers sound likeContinue reading “Three Years Later…”

The Real News. A short tale.

Here’s a post I did for a recent uni course. The course is over so I can post it now. The idea was to take a news story and extrapolate what it was about.   A man attacked a woman in a Victorian Shopping Centre. Although the news story was light on details, it wasContinue reading “The Real News. A short tale.”

Starving Man. A poem.

I am a starving manHungry for love and lifeIntentionally bulimicMy stomach groansReminder of my hunger strikeSurrounded by the feastConfounded by the choiceArms too weak to takeEyes too dim to seeLips parched and belly swollenThe starving man stumbles onHungry for love

Underground. A poem.

Bury my heartDeep undergroundBury my soulWhere it can't be foundBury my headFull of anxietyBury me wholeSo absolutelyAnd here in the dirtI will resideHere in the dirtWith worms at my sideTo eat up my heartAnd to eat up my soulTo consume me aliveAnd so achieve your goal

Amongst the Ashes. A poem.

Some daysI want to open my wristsAnd let them breath in reverseTake the irony of my existencePaint it in the colourOf lonelinessEmptinessHopelessnessAnd watch it flowSlowlySurelySluggishlyDown the porcelain sinkThat holds all my pointless dreamsAnd wash them awayMaybe thenI'll find sweet reliefAmongst the ashes Choose life. Every time. Don't give in to suicide. Life is too preciousContinue reading “Amongst the Ashes. A poem.”

The Light in Your Eyes. A poem.

I saw the light in your eyesBurn bright then fade awayIt was your last and final callBefore approaching Heaven's Gate I smelt your very last breathFelt your body as it slackedIt was holding you in my armsThat I finally faced the facts You were heavier in weight And I was heavier in heartBut I carriedContinue reading “The Light in Your Eyes. A poem.”

The Sale. Part 12.

My hands were in the air and so was the rock-solid Maglite flashlight. Silas was watching the Mexican standoff in the store room where crazy woman Junifer had confronted Aisha. I threw the torch as hard as I could. It was a crappy throw. The flashlight hit Silas in the side, surprising him more thanContinue reading “The Sale. Part 12.”

The Mind of a Poet. A poem.

The mind of a poetConstructing verseRhythm and rhymeMeter and timeIn all-consuming madness Sonnets, coupletsHaiku, freestyle Diamanté, CinquainPantoum, villanelle Concrete, tanka So many choices and moreTo bring life to blank pages How sensitive you becomeTo your own critiquesAnd how you labour longAt your own expenseTo hide your jewelsBury them in the roots Of the tree you'veContinue reading “The Mind of a Poet. A poem.”

Three Loves. A Haiku Trilogy.

Film Lover Movie watching love My shared escapism Better with a friend Tabletop Gamer Playing RPGs Becoming a new person Only for a night Guitar Player Guitar strings strummed Emote in rhythm and rhyme Musicality

Manchester by the Sea. A movie review.

Thar be spoilers ahead… Manchester by the Sea is a depressing movie. Even with the great dialogue and character performances, it leaves you wondering what just happened. In truth, not much did. Kenneth Lonergan’s script, from his play, won the 2017 Oscar for best original screenplay; he directed as well. But a story is supposed toContinue reading “Manchester by the Sea. A movie review.”