Pane. A poem.

I watch the rain on my windowEvery drop running a chaotic raceTo get to the bottom of my pane (pain)Never the same path twiceAs if utilising eidetic memoryEvery drop a consequenceEvery drop a choice (never) madeThat flows to the bottom of my pane (pain)Where it merges with the restAttaining its watery goalTo be accepted again

The Whole Damn Thing. A poem.

Sometimes I get so sadI just have to laughEver had that?It's weird I knowBut sometimes there's Nothing else leftSo you cry and cryAnd you laugh awhileAnd when it's overIt's like it's all been liftedIt's still there but it's notKnow what I mean?Maybe you doMaybe you don'tI'm just trying to make senseOf the whole damn thing

Spider-man: Homecoming. A movie review.

Spoilers? What spoilers? No, none here Okay, okay, I was a bit late coming to the party on this one, but I finally got to see it today. Great movie! Excellent performances: Tom Holland, perfect as 15 year old nerdy high schooler Peter Parker; Michael Keaton, who’s very menacing as the Vulture (and possibly the second mostContinue reading “Spider-man: Homecoming. A movie review.”

Down. A Haiku Trilogy.

Hole Depression returns Bottomless hole inside you Who will fill it in Stay Anxiety strikes Enemy insurgency I’ll stay home today Tears Unending clown tears Laugh and cry until daybreak Carnival sadness

Justice League! All in.

Oh, yeah!! The new Justice League trailer premiered at the San Diego Comic Con yesterday and I was so over the moon (read: experienced full-on nerdgasm) that I had to post it. Check it out below: If you haven't seen the previous trailer you can check it out here. Yeah! 🙂

Another Award! Oh, I’ve got this one before. That’s okay, I’m very humble…NOT!

Actually, I am a bit humble. But only a little bit. Carly at message in stanza has nominated me for the Real Neat Blog Award. Thank you, Carly, you are very kind and obviously very wise (I said I’m a bit humble). The rules: Put the award logo on your blog Thank the people whoContinue reading “Another Award! Oh, I’ve got this one before. That’s okay, I’m very humble…NOT!”

Versatile Blogger Award 2 – Thanks muchly!!

Thank you Alma at Bookish Endeavours for nominating me for this award. As you know, I am a man of few words and fewer actions, so I will keep this short and sweet. The Rules: The rules say to thank the person who nominated you (also providing a link to their blog), nominate 7 blogsContinue reading “Versatile Blogger Award 2 – Thanks muchly!!”

Good Enough. A poem.

Insecurity and self deprecationCan't save you when you think this wayWhen the words don't flow Or make it to the pageIn the way you wanted them toMaybe you won't post itBut in the end you doBecause it's good enoughSo read it once more throughYes, it's good enoughGood enough for you

Turbulence. A poem.

They're across a crowded roomAnd the narcissist withinIs screaming "look at me, look at me"But the introvert withoutIt whispers "look away, look away"Trying to smile is a struggleAs complex and as simple as a Gordian knotAnd while the cannibal butterfliesConsume your insidesAnd the flush creeping upMakes you look like a fire hydrantAnd you're thinking hardHowContinue reading “Turbulence. A poem.”

Baby Driver. A movie review.

Ain’t no spoilers here Edgar Wright has made some spectacular movies: Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, World’s End, and one of my Top 10 faves, Scott Pilgrim vs the World. Having read several positive reviews, I went to Baby Driver with high expectations that this would become one of my all-time favourites. I wasContinue reading “Baby Driver. A movie review.”

Oasis. A poem.

I was lost in the desert And as the sweeping sands Surrounded me with the promise of death As my tongue swelled with my last parched breath I saw a vision before me An oasis in the swirling dust It seemed so far away, yet agonisingly just out of reach Of water and palms andContinue reading “Oasis. A poem.”

Picture. A poem.

A picture of togetherness Written in elemental script Captured then in time serene A picture that made sense, it seemed Once upon eternity Before the poison settled in A picture of two frozen smiles But what in truth do they relay When hollow eyes betray the scene A picture of faded sepia Now all bitternessContinue reading “Picture. A poem.”

Haiku and You. Three poems (but not a trilogy).

Return to Sender You give but don’t get Your love returns to sender A sea of mail lost Man’s Best Friend Ten years with my dog Plucky and redoubtable I still miss her so To Read Books, they fill my shelf Adventure seeds the dream clouds How I love the rain Haiku! 5/7/5 syllable love.Continue reading “Haiku and You. Three poems (but not a trilogy).”

The Sale. Part 11. A short series.

Aisha froze and dropped her phone. The screen cracked on the concrete floor as it bounced at her feet. Across the large, concrete-walled room was Silas, the aged and insensitively tall butler. He was no longer dressed in his servant togs, having changed to a white lab coat and matching trousers, and accessorising with a .38Continue reading “The Sale. Part 11. A short series.”

Workout. A Haiku Trilogy.

Endorphins Working out can hurt Endorphins overload me Pain and rush, so good Gains Just one last rep, man Lactic acid overdrive But what gains I make Weight The weight of my world Bench press, squats, rows, curls, pull ups Take my cares away

Family Lost. A poem.

There are rabbits in my back yard Each day they rise to greet the light With eager noses, seek daily bread While the alpha, tall and bright Watches oh, so protectively Together, the family eats again I had a family once like them It now feels like so long ago I loved them so, myContinue reading “Family Lost. A poem.”

No Sleep for the Wicked. A poem.

Close my eyes Sleep the sleep of angels Until l can’t Rude awakening Brought back to life Defibrillated from dreams And held Status update: insomniac Mental tides Washing over tired eyes Why won’t You let Me sleep Damn brain 3:00am meeting with the board Micro managing My many personal investments My kingdom for a hammerContinue reading “No Sleep for the Wicked. A poem.”

The Sale. Part 10. A short series.

Climbing down the ladder we came to the ground floor, with the passage leading to the pantry. “Should we stop here?” said Aisha, taking the iPhone out of her mouth and shining the torch light up the dingy corridor. “I really think we need to check out the basement.” I tapped my foot impatiently onContinue reading “The Sale. Part 10. A short series.”

Hate Life. Live Life.

Almost three years ago, everything changed. I lost my family, my job, my reputation, my possessions, my whole world. Everything came crashing down and I took the one step I thought could solve it. I attempted to take my life. Carbon Monoxide poisoning was my weapon of choice. Poor research was my saviour. I sawContinue reading “Hate Life. Live Life.”

Land Locked. A poem.

I looked alone far out to sea And in the distance, miles from shore I saw you sailing The waves surrounded you like walls But you, it seemed, didn’t care at all If only I could join you But I was left upon the beach I’m still standing here, land locked Staring out to sea

The Laid Back DM #5 – Foiled again!

Trap tips for DMs of Dungeons and Dragons! Don’t let those player characters foil you again…

The Sale. Part 9. A short series.

We made it to the floor access. The iPhone torch light reflected off the shiny ladder, floating dust motes and hanging cobwebs. “We’re going down there?” said Aisha. Her face wrinkled in dismay. “I don’t know. It’s bad enough I’m in a dark passage with some stranger…” I slapped my forehead. “Oh, sorry. I’m John.Continue reading “The Sale. Part 9. A short series.”

The Sale. Part 8. A short story.

I flung myself off the bed, seeking to extricate my lower leg from whatever was grabbing it. My effeminate scream echoed through the room. “Oh, shut up,” cried a female voice from below. My leg was released and I huddled against the wall under the shuttered window. An attractive African-American woman in her mid-20’s pulledContinue reading “The Sale. Part 8. A short story.”

For Sale. A poem.

For sale Older model Chassis in fine shape, no rust Engine in good condition Fiery but reliable May need a lick of paint And new tires Great long term investment Won’t let you down Can be driven hard Or from A to B Whatever your fancy Some wisdom and insight required Best or nearest offerContinue reading “For Sale. A poem.”