Training Without Calves (or, Cows With Guns)

See what I did there? Okay, well it sounded funny at the time*. I have been lying in bed recovering from my torn calf for the last week and a half (grrrrr…). Being the fitness-addicted idiot that I am, I decided that it was time to get back to exercising before I went stir crazy.Continue reading “Training Without Calves (or, Cows With Guns)”

The Wall Between. A poem.

I built a wall Between the two A wall to separate The me and the you Bricks and mortar High as the clouds And when I was finished It stood tall and proud But even with a wall I could feel you there So I watched the wall With a longing stare Because I realisedContinue reading “The Wall Between. A poem.”

Awards! Can’t live with ‘em, can’t live without ‘em

I have been nominated for the Real Neat Blog award by Alma at Bookish Endeavours. Thank you, Alma; I most graciously accept your nomination in the most pretentious and snooty way possible (I bow, like that guy on Sleepy Hollow. It was cancelled. Oh, I’m sorry everyone, too soon?). Being as unaccustomed to fame (andContinue reading “Awards! Can’t live with ‘em, can’t live without ‘em”

The Example. A poem.

I watched TV Saw an interesting story A man with no arms and legs Overcoming every challenge Every adversity And I thought to myself In a moment of epiphany If he can do the things he does Without a fuss, without complaint Then surely I can rise above My own misbegotten woes I’m no saintContinue reading “The Example. A poem.”

The Sale. Part 7. A short story.

The musty corridor receded into the darkness. Silas, holding his lighter aloft, turned and beckoned me to follow. I trailed him as he crept forward, sweeping dusty cobwebs from the way as he went. Before long we came to a ladder marking the end of the passage. It led up into the dark and downContinue reading “The Sale. Part 7. A short story.”

Dawn. A poem.

Dawn peeks in through the blinds, seeking the one behind Laying here in bed, yet to face sun and sky Yet to feel the warmth and to stretch arms wide Yet to start the day, nothing changed by the night No miraculous cures or incredible saves Nothing more than pleasures we indelibly crave When yourContinue reading “Dawn. A poem.”

Sucker Punch. A short tale.

Here is another piece I wrote for a recent course that is now finished, so I’m free to post it. Cheers Steve 🙂 I feel the fist as it hits me hard in the jaw. My head shakes violently; I hear the soft crack at my jawline and a seeping pain overwhelms my thoughts. IContinue reading “Sucker Punch. A short tale.”

Mirror, Mirror. A poem.

Mirror, mirror What do you see? Just a reflection Of who I could be Should I rise Or should I fall Could this reflection Be ignored Mirror, mirror Who am I here My imperfections Perfectly clear Have I lost my focus Have I lost my will Have I fixated on A bitter pill Mirror, mirrorContinue reading “Mirror, Mirror. A poem.”

The Lesson. A poem.

Fitter than I’ve ever been Big, tanned and super lean All it took was one little tear And suddenly I’m geriatric Limping like an old man Bent over and wizened Amazing how an injury Can make the years catch up A vision of my future? Perhaps, perhaps not I guess I’ll warm up more nextContinue reading “The Lesson. A poem.”

Not Without My Calf! A true story of cows, muscle fibres and underinflated ego.

Today, I tore my calf muscle. For those of you not familiar with the calf muscles, they are not part of a cow, but located on the back of your lower leg. They are important for balance, walking, running and generally being human. When you tear your calf muscle it normally happens high up on the back ofContinue reading “Not Without My Calf! A true story of cows, muscle fibres and underinflated ego.”

Flutter. A poem.

My heart beat Skips Flutters When you’re near Not a heart attack (At least I hope not) Not indigestion (Couldn’t be) Butterflies Nerves Anxiety Confusion (Obviously) If only I could Pull myself together Long enough To tell you How I Feel (Not the indigestion) Sometimes I’d like to punch Myself In The Face To wakeContinue reading “Flutter. A poem.”

The Dark. A poem.

The dark encloses me It is bloated and vampiric, just fed And I am a foetal ball of fear Nested in a womb of my own making And from this poverty of light There is no escaping Perhaps there is a tunnel’s end That in my blindness I cannot see But until then The dark encloses me

Copyright Means Rent.

This was a submission for a uni course I recently finished, answering a question about Australian copyright law.  I included Alpha Girl and Beta Max because copyright law is pretty dry, and I don’t actually say that much about it here. When I undertake university courses I see questions like this all the time, and thinkContinue reading “Copyright Means Rent.”

Last Breath. A poem.

My very last breath Suspended and succinct Drawn fatefully in duress Through a lifetime of failure And subdued success A turn of the corner Like a turn in my eye A fitful melancholy Forever present in mind My black dog companion Always here by my side The pall of loneliness More expansive than pride WhoContinue reading “Last Breath. A poem.”

Survivor. A poem.

Survivor You seek the truth Perhaps you’ll find it So full of survivor guilt In time your questions Will be answered Survivor You toss and turn at night Reliving all the moments That can’t be changed Will you ever Overcome your pain Survivor Get to your feet Climb back from the brink This is notContinue reading “Survivor. A poem.”

The Sale. Part 6. A short story.

I pushed off the door and bolted to the pantry, glimpsing back briefly to see the flame-haired mistress of the blade standing in the frame as the door swung open and hit the wall. The pantry was bigger than I expected, a central corridor lined with shelves of food products—more like a mini-market than aContinue reading “The Sale. Part 6. A short story.”

Tide. A poem.

Your sins were profligate Rose and fell with the tide But the full moon did wane And the tide it did change You found absolution Nearly drove you insane Arose here in the twilight A much better man Left behind your trespasses Washed away out of sight But reminders remain As they should, of theContinue reading “Tide. A poem.”

The Sale. Part 5. A short story.

I ran. The old butler had a head start into the corridor, but he was shuffling at such an antiquated pace I easily overtook him. I glanced back at the mad woman approaching from the living room, knife flashing in time to each stride. “Where?” I yelled, manically. “The kitchen, sir,” he replied, pointing aContinue reading “The Sale. Part 5. A short story.”

The Spell. A short tale.

I saw you again today. You hadn’t changed at all, but of course I shouldn’t have expected you too. After all, it had been but a few weeks, and nobody can be expected to change much in that time. Your beauty outshone everyone else in the room, like a lighthouse between hazardous reefs. I couldContinue reading “The Spell. A short tale.”

The Dance. A Haiku Trilogy.

Awkward Somewhat awkward glance I should look her in the eye My reservation Enigmas Small talk at table Wondering if she’s like me Enigmatic souls Fear I should ask her out Fear gets the better of me Together alone Love myself some haiku. No better way to express poetic whiles then in the confines ofContinue reading “The Dance. A Haiku Trilogy.”

Remember. A poem.

Remember life The semblance of Before the fall (So far you fell, maybe you’re falling still) When integrity, respect Were friends on call All you’ve done All your transgressions You just wish it wasn’t so Accept the facts (False truths are outside your control) And move on, go Kneel, head down Pray for rain (FortyContinue reading “Remember. A poem.”

The Sale. Part 4. A short story.

The crazy lady was right up in my face, spittle flicking onto my cheek as she voiced her objection. I backed up, hands raised. “Look, I’m really sorry,” I said. “I really didn’t know you had a tragedy related to…cleaning products.” As if from nowhere, she extracted a huge butcher’s knife from its hiding placeContinue reading “The Sale. Part 4. A short story.”

The Sale. Part 3. A short story.

The living room was immense, I almost needed binoculars to identify the furniture. This consisted of a few ornate and dusty lounges, chairs and a worn coffee table, all encircling a huge twenty-foot wide hearth, a fire burning briskly within. Exotic, cobweb-covered chandeliers shone dimly from the ceiling far above—the light they cast had veryContinue reading “The Sale. Part 3. A short story.”