Remnants. A poem.

Rusted and decayed

Painted with dust and tears
And hues of better days

Faded now, weathered
By sun and rain in countless ways

Of waxing moons and waning dreams
Captured in a photograph
Like a long forgotten elegy

Spiderwebs cling to frames
Trailing silken memories
Trapping moments
Yesterday today

But all these remnants
Soon pass away

Like shadows
Without light

Dog Walk. A poem.

I walk the city
Dog by my side
Past a canvas of history
Vanity and pride
I smile when she stops
To deliver her scent
Onto every pallid corner
Near every park bench
Climbing up hills
And following paths
Through dim alleyways
And the greenest of parks
All records held previous
Will fall when we go
Every kilometre counted
Towards a new long term goal
I walk the city
This dog by my side
And my love for both
It seems cannot die

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