Again. A poem.

I woke up this morning
And died a little inside

Always the same thing
Too much overthinking

A mind is a cruel beast
Taunting and self loathing

I imagine a place of rest
But it’s so far away

Maybe I’ll just sleep
Forever and a day

Baggage. A poem.

I took you on, baggage and all
Your overstuffed luggage
Way over the weight limit
My own baggage was carry on
Small and non-descript
Since then my luggage has grown
To the size of an elephant
And I’m the only one who can carry it
Far too costly and expensive
So I’ll carry it on my own
From now on

House Sitter #4 – out of the dumps

I’m house sitting for the next five days, recording songs I’ve written over the last year.

Right. No depression today, I’ve got things to do.

I revisited the songs I screwed up yesterday, saving one from evisceration. I rebuilt it with the motto “less is more”. Also finished the vocals on another track I started a few days back (‘FHL’).

Recorded and completed a new folky acoustic number in 3/4 time I’ve called ‘Sempiternal’. Four tracks (back to basics!) of acoustic guitar and vocals. It’s come up very nicely.

Now, off to get a haircut, visit my parents and see what my son is up to.

Have a great day 🙂

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