Dregs. A poem.

I tried to get up
But the black dog held me down
Every movement was too hard
Every thought a leaden weight
Black dog growled
And I submitted, giving up again
The bed was my cage, my brain the lion tamer
“Just who do you think you are?” he cried, cracking the whip again
“This is who you’re meant to be,” I heard him through my pain
And I lay there and wept, because some truths are hard to accept
And the black dog lay upon me, a smile/a snarl on its lips
“Today is not your day,” it said. “Perhaps tomorrow, or the next.”

House Sitter #3 – dark dregs

I’m house sitting for the next six days, and recording some songs I’ve written over the past year.

Aghhh! Woke up this morning terribly depressed (as I sometimes do) and demotivated (Why? When you suffer from depression it just happens). I couldn’t get out of bed until just before lunch.

To top it off I revisited some unfinished songs, got to the point where I was going to scrap one altogether and started a new one that I’m really not happy with. I’ll delete those dregs as soon as I can get motivated enough to.

So, a wasted day. Still not feeling much better. May go back to bed. Can’t – have a Wing Chun Kung Fu lesson tonight. Hopefully that’ll cheer me up…

Doh! 😦

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