House Sitter #2 – the 2nd song. Sort of…

I’m looking after a friend’s house in the city for the next seven days, and I’ve decided to record a number of songs I’ve written during the past year.

After walking the dog this morning, my laptop (the one I use for recording which runs a normally very stable version of Windows XP) decided to have a hissy. So much for recording this morning. Had to download new audio codecs and install them to fix the problem. Then did some reading and had lunch. Oh, the motivation!

Luckily the friend who was supposed to be looking after the dog turned up, but doggie is still with me during the day. No worries, I like her company (the dog, that is).

Managed to lay down all the guitar tracks for my song ‘FHL’ this afternoon. Tonight is D&D night (or, alternatively, nerd heaven), so that’s all for today. I’ll finish the track tomorrow.

Hope your day was great!

Cheers! 🙂

A Dog’s Nose. A poem.

A dog’s nose smells every blade of grass
Painting a picture in scent of everything that’s passed
Counting the stops on every sandstone brick
Smelling the reminders on the tires of, oh so expensive cars
Rolling in the grass of innumerable companions past
No time for harbour views or human history
A dog’s nose is its true best friend until the very last

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