So, what are the rules of life? I guess, when it comes down to brass tacks (that’s an old-fashioned saying, youngsters, cause, I’m, like, a bit old and stuff), there aren’t really any. Or are there? I’m sounding suspiciously ambiguous and much less wise than I originally thought I would, but bear with me…   NowContinue reading “Perspective.”

Remnants. A poem.

Remnants Rusted and decayed Painted with dust and tears And hues of better days Faded now, weathered By sun and rain in countless ways Of waxing moons and waning dreams Captured in a photograph Like a long forgotten elegy Spiderwebs cling to frames Trailing silken memories Trapping moments Yesterday today But all these remnants SoonContinue reading “Remnants. A poem.”

Elegy. A poem.

Where do I walk Now the fields are burned And ash rises high in the sky The sun a red blur behind mottled clouds Each ray a spotlight on misery The bodies of the dead Charred and blackened Breaking beneath my feet Whispering as they crumble The killing fields where once we walked as oneContinue reading “Elegy. A poem.”

Drifter. A short tale.

I am shapeless, without form or feature. I float in the ether between worlds, a wisp of aimless consciousness, searching for convention. Twisting, turning, the eddies of astral winds cycling like water down an infinite drain. Drifting in and out of reality, an incorporeal whisper. I sense a gateway, hovering above me, yet below. IContinue reading “Drifter. A short tale.”

Alien Covenant. A movie review.

No spoilers! Not real ones, anyway… I just saw Alien Covenant. I was a bit concerned that it might be all promise and not deliver the goods (a bit like the rather crappy Prometheus that preceded it). But guess what? I was pleasantly surprised. Alien Covenant was good, it filled in the story behind theContinue reading “Alien Covenant. A movie review.”

The Yoke. A Poem.

The yoke weighed heavily I toiled the fields of my responsibilities I saw others dance and play all day and night And I was filled with envy And I longed to cast it aside So that I too could be free And one day I did I cast the yoke unto the dirt And myContinue reading “The Yoke. A Poem.”

Digital Destiny and the Crux of Divergence.

This is a short uni piece I wrote some months ago. It was the second appearance of Alpha Girl, Beta Max and Me in my writing, and the feedback from those uni posts was what lead me to becoming a blogger. I’ve removed the uni academic references from this version.   (“So, what are youContinue reading “Digital Destiny and the Crux of Divergence.”

The Question. A poem.

It’s a question One we all ask ourselves When no one else is there to ask When we think God is no longer listening When we feel low When we feel empty When we feel betrayed When we are hurt and in pain Why? Why me? Why is this happening? Why are you doing this?Continue reading “The Question. A poem.”

Chris. A poem.

He shined On every stage A voice that made you Take notice A guitar Burning and churning Changing lives Through music But inside Thoughts and pain Burning and churning Shadows and rain Low Black hole sun Dragging down Crushing him Who could see What would come To be To take a life So unexpectedly IntoContinue reading “Chris. A poem.”

Lion. A tear-filled movie review.

This review contains spoilers. I never got the chance to see Lion in the cinema. In some ways, I’m glad I didn’t. Not because it’s a bad movie, but because it’s a movie that guarantees I’m going to cry, and I don’t want to be going to the movies with a mate and tear upContinue reading “Lion. A tear-filled movie review.”


This is a uni piece I wrote a few months back. It was actually the first appearance of Alpha Girl, Beta Max and Me. I’ve removed the academic references and included one of my discussion thread responses from that week. NOTE: This was back when I used social media. Nowadays I only use it toContinue reading “Borrower.”

John Wick: Chapter 2. A Movie Review.

No spoilers here! I loved John Wick, the Keanu Reeves actioner from a few years back, about a retired assassin who returns to the business after some local mobsters steal his car and kill his dog. The movie features plenty of martial arts and Gun Fu action, with Keanu doing many of his own stunts.Continue reading “John Wick: Chapter 2. A Movie Review.”

Versatile Blogger Award Nomination – Woo hoo! Cheers and thank you 😊

Having just gotten over the excitement of being nominated for the Awesome Blogger Award (read about it here), I was surprised and excited to find I’d been nominated the next day by Sonyo Estavillo from for another, the Versatile Blogger Award. I’m only able to post this now as I have been doing assignments,Continue reading “Versatile Blogger Award Nomination – Woo hoo! Cheers and thank you 😊”

Angel. A poem.

I dreamed that my Angel walked with me And we talked at length A gentle discourse about books, music and coffee And on the hill beneath the spire We explored each other shyly Espousing our thoughts in their entirety And we kissed each other meekly Thinking how wonderful this could be Stomachs churning with dancingContinue reading “Angel. A poem.”

Not the most positive person. Who, me? That can’t be right…

Yesterday, someone (no names, to protect the anonymity of potentially guilty parties. Alright, it was outrightallie) accused me of being ‘Not the most positive person’. I was, of course, outraged by this incredibly hurtful personal slight, and promptly went through my backlog of posts to see just what she meant. Okay, so she has aContinue reading “Not the most positive person. Who, me? That can’t be right…”

Awesome Blogger Award Nomination – What the?!

I’ve just found out (well not really just, but almost just) I’ve been nominated for the ‘Awesome Blogger Award’ by outrightallie. Outrightallie’s blog is awesome, and I’d nominate her back, but she already has been, and if I did so again she might get stuck in a reality-distorting and paradoxical blog award feedback loop. Or not. This wasContinue reading “Awesome Blogger Award Nomination – What the?!”

House Sitter – epilogue

My friends got back from the cruise, unfortunately two of the five were sick for most of it (doh!). Following are a couple of things I learnt while housesitting in the center of town: I love living in the center of town (everything is sooooooo convenient) I don’t cook when I’m living in the centerContinue reading “House Sitter – epilogue”

House Sitter #8 – productive week

I’m house sitting for one more day, recording songs I’ve written over the last year. Wow! It’s been a great run. I’ve finished recording nine of my songs, and I’ll work on another this afternoon.  Addendum: Finished ten songs! Woo hoo! 🙂 My friends return from their cruise tomorrow. The house is in good order,Continue reading “House Sitter #8 – productive week”

House Sitter #7 – clock’s ticking

I’m house sitting for the next two days, recording songs I’ve written over the last year. Finished the very funky ‘Home’ this morning, just re-doing vocals and backing vocals for ‘Believe’.  Time’s running out, and I have this week’s uni work to look at. No long walks today (sorry, doggie). Have a great day 🙂

Saturday Night. A poem.

Streets afire with love divine Taking names and stumbling feet Liquor-fuelled lust surrounds Like ships that sail on silken sheets Uproarious dinner conversations Filled with gentle goodbyes And enthusiastic hellos And iPhone intermissions A cello paints the night In shades of blue and grey Pining for the one that flew Internal circumspection played Each over-revvedContinue reading “Saturday Night. A poem.”

House Sitter #6 – arranging awesomeness

I’m house sitting for the next three days, recording songs I’ve written over the last year. Worked on ‘Light the Way’ last night and this morning (walked the dog, rang Mum and wished her a happy Mother’s Day – hey, I already got her a card and present). The song has turned out great. IContinue reading “House Sitter #6 – arranging awesomeness”

The Laid Back DM #4 – ‘Tales of the Yawning Portal’ Leaves me Yearning for Something Better

I received ‘Tales of the Yawning Portal’ the other day, after ordering it from the Book Depository. I’d heard that Wizards of the Coast (WoTC) were updating some of its best known modules to 5e, and was looking forward to it. Well, I’ve been reading it for a few days now. And all I canContinue reading “The Laid Back DM #4 – ‘Tales of the Yawning Portal’ Leaves me Yearning for Something Better”

House Sitter #5 – walking daze

I’m house sitting for the next four days, recording songs I’ve written over the last year. Lots of dog walking today. As well as food shopping, clothes washing, dish washing (too many washings!). Clocked up over 10kms of walking (not washing). After dinner I’ll work on a new song called ‘Light the Way’. I’ve decidedContinue reading “House Sitter #5 – walking daze”

Baggage. A poem.

I took you on, baggage and all Your overstuffed luggage Way over the weight limit My own baggage was carry on Small and non-descript Since then my luggage has grown To the size of an elephant And I’m the only one who can carry it Far too costly and expensive So I’ll carry it onContinue reading “Baggage. A poem.”

House Sitter #4 – out of the dumps

I’m house sitting for the next five days, recording songs I’ve written over the last year. Right. No depression today, I’ve got things to do. I revisited the songs I screwed up yesterday, saving one from evisceration. I rebuilt it with the motto “less is more”. Also finished the vocals on another track I startedContinue reading “House Sitter #4 – out of the dumps”

Dregs. A poem.

I tried to get up But the black dog held me down Every movement was too hard Every thought a leaden weight Black dog growled And I submitted, giving up again The bed was my cage, my brain the lion tamer “Just who do you think you are?” he cried, cracking the whip again “ThisContinue reading “Dregs. A poem.”

House Sitter #3 – dark dregs

I’m house sitting for the next six days, and recording some songs I’ve written over the past year. Aghhh! Woke up this morning terribly depressed (as I sometimes do) and demotivated (Why? When you suffer from depression it just happens). I couldn’t get out of bed until just before lunch. To top it off IContinue reading “House Sitter #3 – dark dregs”

House Sitter #2 – the 2nd song. Sort of…

I’m looking after a friend’s house in the city for the next seven days, and I’ve decided to record a number of songs I’ve written during the past year. After walking the dog this morning, my laptop (the one I use for recording which runs a normally very stable version of Windows XP) decided toContinue reading “House Sitter #2 – the 2nd song. Sort of…”