Poetic Bugs and Fly Spray Solutions…

I think I’ve become a bit obsessed with writing poetry. Until a few weeks ago, poems just weren’t my thing. I enjoyed reading poetry, but writing it? Nope.

But I’ve been writing and posting poetry at a rate of knots. And while some are good, most are a bit mediocre – first drafts that probably would have been scrapped if I’d sat down and worked on them properly (quantity over quality, I guess).

I think I may have lost the point of my blog. I started this thing to force me to write (I love writing, but motivation is low, hence blog = motivator). It’s succeeded. I’ve managed to post something nearly every day.

But over time I’ve found it’s easier and quicker to post poems (of varying quality), rather than put the effort into writing longer articles. But those reading my blog seem to be happy with what I’m doing. So, am I doing what I really want to do? Or just pandering? I don’t really know. I do enjoy writing poems. But maybe it’s just an obsessive phase I’m in (yeah, I have those). Maybe I’m overthinking it (yep, I do that, too).

Most of you probably think I’m worrying about nothing, and maybe that’s true. Maybe I’m spending too much time creating content for my blog (I know my novel is languishing because of my blogging).

Maybe I need to step back, get a bit of perspective? I don’t know.

Any advice?

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