Outlook. A poem.

No one else to blame but me
For this sad and sorry state
Nothing left to say at all
Don’t be angry or irate
Disregard the news you hear
And turn the other cheek
There’s no one else to blame
Outlook: overcast and bleak

D&D. A haiku tetralogy.


Polyhedral dice
In your hand, controlling fate
Hack! Slash! “Die, monster!”


Deep dungeon delving
Party of five outsiders
Death or glory here


“My hit points are low”
Rest or spells to recover
“Ready? Time to smash!”


“Awful acting, yeah?”
Comedic celebration
Shared gaming love

These haiku are about my love of tabletop role playing games (RPGs), particularly Dungeons and Dragons (D&D). I loooooove RPGs.

Don’t know what D&D and RPGs are? Read about themĀ here and here.

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