Rain. A Poem.

I felt the rain more deeply than ever before
It flowed like chaotic capillaries down my face
It mingled with tears, a salty, alchemical mix  
It touched my tongue, combined saliva and cotton mouth
It washed me clean of tragic irony and bittersweet regret
And when it stopped I stood there dripping, alone as always
Contemplating when it would fall on me again
Would I accept its cold, cleansing embrace
Or would I shrink away to a warmer, dryer place


This poem is another experiment for me. I’ve been trying out different free verse structures and meters, and this one is more prose-like.

I think it worked out okay. Tell me what you think.

Be The Hero Contest (Gotham Writers Workshop)

Following is an email from Steph Spector, director of contests and conferences at Gotham Writers Workshop. If you’re a new writer and would like to enter this competition, click on the link below.

Hi Steve! 

Gotham Writers Workshop (is a) creative writing school based in New York City and online.

I’m on Steve Still Standing because I was searching for writing blogs on WordPress, and yours came up. I was reading some of your poetry—it seems like you’re passionate about the craft of storytelling, and I thought you might be interested in sharing Gotham’s newest creative writing contest with your followers. 

Gotham is hosting the Be the Hero contest, where we invite people to write a story of a hero in 50 words or fewer. The winner gets a free class with us, and we will send the winning story to each of the 100 members of the US Senate and the 435 members of the House of Representatives, along with an entreaty to fight for the right actions. 

People can enter for free at http://gothamwriters.com/contest/be-a-hero.

Thanks for helping us find some heroes!


Please note this is not an endorsement of Gotham Writers Workshop. I am not affiliated with them, nor have I been provided with any incentives to promote this on my blog.

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