Session. A short tale.

Isn’t therapy wonderful? It makes you feel so good to get all that crap off your chest. Or bad, depending on how it goes. But what happens when it doesn’t go to plan?

D&D. A haiku tetralogy.

These haiku are about my love of tabletop role playing games (RPGs), particularly Dungeons and Dragons (D&D). I loooooove RPGs.

Everything is awesome. Not.

I often get depressed at the worst times. Like today, when I have to do work for uni and my motivation is at an all-time low. The solution? Write aimlessly about depression for my blog. Yes, I’m sure that will solve everything (I may claim to be a writer, but I never claimed to beContinue reading “Everything is awesome. Not.”

Mindjammer – SF role playing that’ll bring you back for more

I guess you can tell by the title of this post that I love this game. I included it in my recent ‘Top 10 Tabletop Role Playing Games’.

Fate Core System – Story telling table top role playing at its finest

I’ve been threatening to do a Fate Core review for some time now (it’s one of my Top 10 Favourite Role Playing Games), but you know how it is, so much to do and so little time… But today’s the day!

Touch, by Elmore Leonard. A book review.

I just finished reading Touch, a book by Elmore Leonard. I’d read Mr Leonard’s Ten Rules of Writing (which I discussed in an earlier post you can find here), but hadn’t had the opportunity to sample his actual writing. Now, I’m glad I did. Touch is set in 1977. Juvenal, a young, ex-Franciscan Missionary, healsContinue reading “Touch, by Elmore Leonard. A book review.”

A Writer’s Lot. A poem.

And at that certain time Heads emerge from shells Where they were buried Dreaming tales to tell And cloistered in my womb Loneliness and black dog thoughts Of doom and gloom I send my words to you Sometimes liked Sometimes not at all Left wondering what the magic recipe must be But liked or notContinue reading “A Writer’s Lot. A poem.”

Clickbait! The what’s and wherefore’s

My teenage son, Padawan-Nerd-in-Training, stayed over on the weekend (as he does every weekend, so nothing new there). Padawan is a YouTube fan and has a number of channels he subscribes to. I, being an antiquated, internet hating has-been, try to avoid anything internet related other than this blog. Padawan showed me a few videos that were reallyContinue reading “Clickbait! The what’s and wherefore’s”

Letter to a Facebook Friend

This is a uni piece I wrote some time ago. It was meant to be a letter to a friend about something I was very serious or concerned about, using real referenced materials. I went with satire and irony.

Shades. A poem.

I once found a pair of brand new sunglasses in an elevator. Rather than turn them in, I decided to keep them (terrible of me, I know).
They change the shape of my face when I wear them, almost making me a different person. When they’re on, I almost have a sense of increased confidence and lessened anxiety. Does that happen with you, too?

Patrick Ness is an awesome writer. But don’t take my word for it…

Patrick Ness is a great author. He writes books for young adults – teen fiction, I guess you call it. The big difference between him and many other writers of that genre, is that his books carry a weight, a gravitas, that raises them above the mob. I read a lot of books. I’m notContinue reading “Patrick Ness is an awesome writer. But don’t take my word for it…”

Integrity Blues: Jimmy Eat World (album review)

Album: Integrity Blues Band:  Jimmy Eat World Label: RCA records (Sony) Length: 11 songs, 47 minutes Summary: Deep and thoughtful, dark-edged alt-rock from the fan favourites Jimmy Eat World is an American alt-rock band hailing from Arizona. Darlings of the alt-rock and indie scene, they are have previously released eight studio albums. Their newest release, Integrity Blues,Continue reading “Integrity Blues: Jimmy Eat World (album review)”

Scream. A Poem Of Dreams.

The angry tide The beach swept clean Refuse returned to the slumber of the sea The frozen snows Such bitter cold Ground disguised, glistening winter freeze The haunted house All empty rooms Cavities and mouldings hold mysteries The ocean ship Pitches, rolls away The storm that blows onward drunkenly   All these things Broil andContinue reading “Scream. A Poem Of Dreams.”

Rain. A Poem.

I felt the rain more deeply than ever before It flowed like chaotic capillaries down my face It mingled with tears, a salty, alchemical mix   It touched my tongue, combined saliva and cotton mouth It washed me clean of tragic irony and bittersweet regret And when it stopped I stood there dripping, alone asContinue reading “Rain. A Poem.”