The Day. A poem.

The day has come when the one becomes two
The decree overrides a match made by fools
There is no need to cry, no need to berate
When you’re left on your own, to one single fate
So, do you just start again, or do you stand still?
Do you butt your head on a wall, or just take a pill?
Do you pray in your church, or go out on the town,
Do you walk with a smile, or shuffle with a frown
The day has come and the decision is in
Two old lives are over and two new ones begin


Divorce is a major upheaval for anyone going through it. A gamut of emotions, some good, some bad. In the end, it’s often the best thing. To move on. To have a fresh start.

It’s not always that easy to see at the time, though.

Haiku indeed

The moth and the flame
What games they play together
Long before the sun

God smiles on me here
His infinite majesty
Pray I am worthy

Guitar sits silent
Resting gently in repose
Awake! Time has come!

I can’t escape those evocative 5/7/5 syllable structures.

I’m still composing in triplets, but not a trilogy, this time.

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