Stupid Boy

(“Lord, I’m stupid,” I say, face palming.

“So, you finally agree with me,” says Alpha Girl.)

I started this blog to force me to write as much as possible. I want to be a real writer, after all (a poverty-stricken writer, more than likely, but a writer, nonetheless). I also wanted to post some of my Uni discussion thread posts, as I had received good feedback on them.

I’ve just now realised that I can’t post my Uni threads. The reason for this is that my Uni posts are being gathered into an assignment due at the end of the course. The assignment will be submitted via the SafeAssign checker software, which searches the web for similar articles, to prevent plagiarism.

So if my Uni posts are on the web, I will actually be plagiarising myself. At this point you may laugh out loud, if you wish.

I wrote to my lecturer, who recommended taking down the Uni-related blogs. This is not such a bad thing, as I currently have enough non-Uni related blogs to sustain a viable site.

But either way, I’m still stupid.

(“Why is she always so negative,” I ask Beta max.

“Don’t worry about it,” he says. “She’s like that with me, too. It just means she likes you.”

“I’d hate to see what she’s like when she doesn’t like someone.”

Beta max shivers. “You don’t ever want to experience that.”)

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